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Reviewed: June 8th, 2016

Established site featuring cute Czech boys in scenes of bullying. Definitely a very exclusive and unique site. No updates for a long time.

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A large site bursting with content. But the content is very different from most of the sites we list here at BoyReview. Rather than porn, this is more like boys bullying other boys. Apart from forced sex, most of the boys are just roughed up, forced to give blow jobs. Most will get naked or get down to their underwear or jocks. Not a fairy cupcake in sight, no fruity queens in the making to be found here. Photos are of average quality, but bearing in mind that the site has been going for over ten years, maybe they could do with a spring clean on their equipment. I know my equipment could do with a good spring clean, but that's another story. Slideshows are available, but no zip downloads. Videos are not HD and some of the older ones could be compared to tube quality. However, the later vids are better format. A great way to learn some Czech, no dubbing here. Updates have stopped.

Updates:Not Updated
No. of Galleries:430
No. of Videos:400 SD
Model ages:18-26
No. of Models:400
- $19.95 for 30 days - rebills at $17
- $89.95 for 180 days