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Reviewed: June 6th, 2016

One of the most established Mega Twink sites fades from glory as updates are thin on the ground.

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American twinks expertly presented on an enormous site. Plenty of material, videos, photosets, loads of feeds. A one-stop shop for all your j/o needs.
HD Video any which way you want it. Live sound. Stream, download, various formats to suit all needs. Photosets come in two resolutions, or view as a hands-free slideshow, or download in zip format.

On the site there are more galleries, photos, models, videos, than we have quoted, but we are only counting the tylersroom Originals. This is where the exclusive and younger twinks reside. And once you get bored with all the glistening flesh, you can cruise over to the numerous feeds.

For $19.95 a month, this is a truck load of material for your enjoyment. The website has been going for over 12 years, so its very easy to navigate, and its a full-options deal.

This site is borderline for our standards. Maybe it will be removed when we next review it.

No. of Galleries:500
No. of Videos:330 HD/SD
Model ages:18-30
No. of Models:400
- $19.95 monthly

New Faces on TylersRoom: +
Saturday, September 26th: chris_reed
Added Saturday
September 26th 2015
Friday, August 21st: peter_jack
Added Friday
August 21st 2015
Saturday, August 8th: tyler_fox
Added Saturday
August 8th 2015
Saturday, July 25th: dawson_travis
Added Saturday
July 25th 2015
Saturday, July 4th: peter_fix
Added Saturday
July 4th 2015
Monday, June 15th: radek_kamelov
Added Monday
June 15th 2015
Saturday, May 30th: steve_lynch
Added Saturday
May 30th 2015
Saturday, May 16th: jack_finix
Added Saturday
May 16th 2015

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