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Reviewed: April 28th, 2016

A helping hand to boys in need. So when your boy is in need, Twink Academy may offer the help that your hand needs to fulfill its task. Good photography and cute home boyz.

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I remember when I first saw Twink Academy back in 2004. It was quite a revelation in its approach to adult entertainment.

It's still going strong, lots of boys have come under the headmasters capable hands over the years.

Quite a refreshing site, and lots of handsome boys from North America, England and South America.

Pictures are not high rez, videos are in a dated format, but the actual themes and models are exclusive.

Fantasy schools

Updates:Rarely Updated
No. of Galleries:500
No. of Videos:250 SD
Model ages:18-22
No. of Models:Unknown
- 20€ for 30 days
- 50.00€ for 90 days

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