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Reviewed: August 9th, 2011

ImLive - webcam site with some great features, you can choose ONLY teen boys. Yippee, no more wading through ugly hunks who think they're gods gift to mankind.

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I took a look at ImLive about 6 months ago, and it had only girls. But now I took another look, and there are loads of boys to be seen. And whats more, you can easily select to see only teen boys. So, time to take a closer look, sometimes my job is very interesting and rewarding......With boys nicknames such as ShyGuyHeaven and HotFluffyBoy, who could resist. This is great stuff, I can select the screen size, I can zoom in and navigate around his webcam. I can be in my element as a true pervert. Your non-member free view time on ImLive is quite limited, so signing up for a free account is a must. And once you're logged in with your free account, it won't be long before you'll need to get your credit card out. The downside with this site is that free stuff isn't in abundance. The upside is that you don't have to see text from other users, which is just so damned predictable as to be distracting. Show us yer arse bb, et al. Here your conversations are far more private, far more intimate and almost instantly you're one-on-one. You can also check out video archives, but they are pretty darned expensive, cheaper to get a live session!