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Reviewed: December 16th, 2018

Czech and Slovak boys captured by Man's Best producer. The best from the west meets the best from the East.

Site Thumbnail is a co-operation between Eastboys and Rolf Hammerschmidt, a German gay porn producer who moved to the Czech Republic in 2005. Since 1990, he produced more than 800 films for his company Man's Best. The combination of Rolfs talents and the ultra-cute Czech twinks is stunning. If you're familiar with my reviews of the East-European sites, my main grudge is that the producers are, to put it bluntly, incompetent. Western producers are fantastic at delivering, but they have older looking boys, so the results are not so interesting. At we have really the best of both worlds. The cute young-looking Czech boys, and a great German producer. What more could you ask for? Video quality is superior, and Rolf manages to get the most out of these cute boys. Their latest presentations have some real gems. Ok, the site has a lot of older twinks, so you'll have to sift through the rubble, but the treasure hunt will be very rewarding. You'll be limited to 10Gb a day, more than enough for even the most demanding. It's essentially a video site, with a few photosets available also. Photosets can be viewed using a hands-free slideshow, or downloaded in zip format. Videos are available in various formats to suit your bandwidth, view on-line or download. Most material is exclusive, not to be found elsewhere. Some solo videos, some duos and several threesomes can be found on the site. With original raw sound.

Updates:Not Updated
No. of Galleries:275
No. of Videos:550 HD/SD
Model ages:18-25
No. of Models:500
- $15.95 for 30 days recurring
- $27.95 for 30 days non-recurring
- $59.95 for 90 days non recurring.

New Faces on +
Saturday, November 3rd: Diego test player 1
Diego test player 1
Added Saturday
November 3rd 2018
Saturday, November 3rd: Nick test player 2
Nick test player 2
Added Saturday
November 3rd 2018
Friday, September 21st: test2 - photos
test2 - photos
Added Friday
September 21st 2018
Monday, March 19th: Exclusive - Casting - Matej
Exclusive - Casting - Matej
Added Monday
March 19th 2018
Sunday, March 4th: Gypsy Banditos video #5
Gypsy Banditos video #5
Added Sunday
March 4th 2018
Tuesday, February 6th: Gypsy Banditos video #1
Gypsy Banditos video #1
Added Tuesday
February 6th 2018
Friday, December 15th: Marek Love Helping Hand
Marek Love Helping Hand
Added Friday
December 15th 2017
Friday, December 8th: David Janicek and Jirka Holy
David Janicek and Jirka Holy
Added Friday
December 8th 2017

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