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Reviewed: October 1st, 2017

Site has not been updated since 2017, but many cute boys to be found here.

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I used to frequent a boys club in Amsterdam. The carpets were thread-bare, the barman was constantly drunk, the owner was stoned. One day I asked the owner why his place was such a mess, but the club is always full. His reply - I have the best boys, you dont come here to fuck the carpets do you.

This is a bit like GayFruit. The boys are simply gorgeous but the site design and features leave a lot to be desired.

Loads of fantastic cuties. But no zip downloads and no hands-free slide-show.

The site offers you all their material from 2005 to date. Thats a lot of j/o goodies.

Lately there have been more and more videos added. And the webmaster informs me that videos will be more frequent in the future. I have spoken to the webmaster about updating the features on the site. He had an argument with his main programmer, and now he's looking for a new programmer. So he is at least aware of the problems with the poor user interface on the site. It was a great design a decade ago, but now it is very outdated.

A notable user comment:

Gay fruit is a outdated website. You have to put the user and password in everytime you watch the video. This used to be the case in 1997 but this is 2013 they need to update. Once you enter the password it gets you into everything without reentering it over and over.

When I checked the site, this wasn't the case, so maybe you need to enable cookies or change some browser settings. Comments welcome using feedback.

No. of Galleries:400
No. of Videos:50 SD
Model ages:18-21
No. of Models:370
- $24.90 for 30 days
- $39.90 for 90 days
- $59.90 for 180 days

New Faces on GayFruit: +
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Eddie Changing
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September 29th 2017
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September 16th 2017
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Marko Canada
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September 1st 2017
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August 25th 2017
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August 18th 2017
Friday, August 11th: Furby-Eddie
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August 11th 2017
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Dready Blue
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August 4th 2017
Friday, July 28th: Tristan
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July 28th 2017