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Reviewed: June 10th, 2016

Without any doubt the most beautiful collection of boys to be found on the net. Superbly photographed by an absolutely passionate photographer.

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Hard to find any duds here, even with my Mr Fussy hat on, of the 250 models, there's not one that I would say no to.

Site design is shockingly good, everything has been thought out well. No hair-brianed graphics, nothing leaping off the screen at you. And with a recent revamp of the entire site, it's a real pleasure to explore.

Videos are of a great quality, photos professionally done, high rez, with zips available. HD available, I'm very pushed to find anything at fault with this site.

First class job from a to z.
Boys are fantastic, photography is superb, lighting spot-on, great scenery (who gives a shit when the boys are soo beautiful). If only other sites could match the quality and also quantity of what is on offer here.

Always a pleasure to review this site. Year after year, I know there's a treat in store for me when I review this site. Some people have all the best jobs.

No. of Galleries:500
No. of Videos:245 HD/SD
Model ages:18-20
No. of Models:250
- $14.95 for 10 day trial
- $29.95 for 30 days
- $49.95 for 60 days

New Faces on Teens-Boys-World: +
Friday, December 2nd: Spoiled boys. Amir and Ramil
Spoiled boys. Amir and Ramil
Added Friday
December 2nd 2016
Friday, November 25th: Bare Sluts. Bryan and Quentin
Bare Sluts. Bryan and Quentin
Added Friday
November 25th 2016
Friday, November 18th: Photography. Three
Photography. Three
Added Friday
November 18th 2016
Friday, November 11th: Couple. Amico and Joshua
Couple. Amico and Joshua
Added Friday
November 11th 2016
Friday, November 4th: Bareback. Garri and Goga
Bareback. Garri and Goga
Added Friday
November 4th 2016
Friday, October 28th: He Made Me Do It
He Made Me Do It
Added Friday
October 28th 2016
Friday, October 21st: Sextasy. Bagir and Yulian
Sextasy. Bagir and Yulian
Added Friday
October 21st 2016
Friday, October 14th: Skinny Boys. Feliks and Zoe
Skinny Boys. Feliks and Zoe
Added Friday
October 14th 2016

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