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Czech Hunter

Reviewed: May 9th, 2016

Exhibitionist encourages boys to suck his thick meat for fast cash. Then with a bit more encouragement, he fucks them every which way possible. May 9th 2016: RIP Denis Reed, aka Czech Hunter who died shortly after a motorcycle accident.

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The Czech hunter goes around Prague looking for cute young guys. Then he talks them into doing various tasks, with some financial encouragement. His aim is to get sucked and to fuck them. Some of the boys are not interested, but most go for it. This is the first time in 10 years of reviewing sites that I have looked at each and every video on offer. Each video has the same basic theme, our roving exhibitionist tries to talk young guys into getting fucked. In the process he usually gets a hand job, and a blow job. The Czech Hunter really gets off on exhibitionism, preferring to do it outdoors, in public. But when the boys are unwilling to go public, he ends up fucking them in a hotel. Our hunter is not shy, and with his thick meat he certainly gets his moneys worth from the boys, usually covering their cute faces in his man juices. Even though each video has the same storyline, it is fascinating to watch each video from start to finish. As I'm writing this, I'm watching his video number 51 where a really cute guy is suffering big time trying to accommodate the thick manhood, in the rain. Denis also shows us some of his failures, where the boys aren't willing to do anything, or just show their cocks and nothing more. All the videos are in Czech with English subtitles. All of the boys are aged 18 to 24, and there are some really really cute gems to be found.

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